Meet The Makers

          Frailey Made is three brothers who grew up in Western Pennsylvania. Over the years, we developed an appreciation & taste for high quality knives & gear. In July of 2016, Rob, the middle brother, was laid off from work. He and the youngest brother Ricky were binge-watching forged in fire. The two of us decided to try our hand at making our own blades. After a while, Ryan, the oldest, decided to join in. We quickly discovered: not only did we have a passion for making these tools, but we were good at it.

          We have purchased many hard-use knives from great makers and companies over the years, so we knew what a high quality piece of gear was. We started from day one making the stuff we would want to buy, making each and every product to the best of our abilities. A blade says a lot about the person who designs and makes it. A custom knife tells a story. Being functional art, it also says a lot about the person who buys and carries it. It is our goal to make quality heirloom knives that, if taken care of, can be passed down for generations.

          Yes, you can buy a cheap functional knife from a big-box store. We own lots of those knives too, but they're a dime a dozen. Most of them have been manufactured in some foreign country. Our knives are handmade in America by your neighbors. Taking pride in this is something much of our country has lost. We want to do our part to bring handmade in America back.